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Take your child's confidence to the next level this Summer

Moving towards the end of the school year can be a very exciting time for students who are gearing up for the joys of summer break. On the other hand, these feelings may not be the same for parents who are looking for ways to keep their students in the learning process during the summer months as well as keeping them off the couch.

There are many week-long summer camps that students can partake in that can be fun and engaging but many of those only last a week here and there and can also cost a great deal of money. Many parents will spend hundreds to some thousands of dollars for full week-long camps all summer long.

However, with Eye Level Summer Programs it is both affordable and enriching. Avoid the summer brain drain and complement your child's summer activities with stimulating assignments from Eye Level.


We value every child’s potential in learning

Online Video Learning Class

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching fosters our student’s academic skills. Before each session begins, each child is assessed individually. Our instructors tailor our curriculum by understanding each child’s learning process and mastery of each level.

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Self Directed Learning

Students develop independent learning skills in our Eye Level learning centers. Instructors will guide students as they move throughout their individualized program as they will develop the confidence to work independently.


Mastery Learning

At Eye Level, we help children achieve a level of mastery to move on to the next stage of learning and let them learn at their own pace. We determine the mastery of each lesson with study accuracy and study time consumption and with overall understanding of each lesson.


Virtual Option

Learning online just got easier! Children can learn online with their instructor from the safety of their own home. Children can ask questions and receive guidance in real-time with our online virtual platform.

Eye Level provides supplemental Math and English programs with high-quality curricula proven to be effective over the past 40 years

Learn with a reputable & globally recognized program.

Eye Level is a global educational services provider. Through continuous effort to develop a variety of educational methods, Eye Level is helping students create a foundation for lifelong learning.

We create an individualized program for our students.

Students set goals and the curriculum with the help of the instructor, work to stay on track, and gradually master all exercises. With each successful step, the student gains more self-confidence, motivation and direction in the quest for knowledge and critical thinking. As positive study habits and valuable personality traits develop, these skills will also translate to all facets of life.


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Public Speaking

$175 / mo
Ultimate Plan
  • 1 Hour Per Session
  • 4 Sessions Monthly
  • In-Person or Online
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Math Brain Boost

$300 / mo
Basic Plan
  • 2 Hours Per Session
  • 4 Sessions Monthly
  • In-Person or Online
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Book Club

$300 / mo
Pro Plan
  • 2 Hours Per Session
  • 4 Sessions Monthly
  • In-Person or Online
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STEAM Program

Coming Soon
Premium Plan
  • 2 Hours Per Session
  • 4 Sessions Monthly
  • In-Person or Online
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What They Are Saying About Us

Excellent Service!


My 9 year old has been a student for the past 4 years and he is a high achieving student amongst his peers. We’re so happy with the superior instruction and service that Eye Level provides!

Love the curriculum!

Rachel Greenberg

I love Eye Level! The curriculum is great– it is crafted toward each child. Eye Level works to help ingrain facts! Awesome program, highly recommend!

Great learning environment!

Cynthia Knight

They work with each child individually and at the end of each section, you get a full report of what your child did and areas they need to focus more on. Excellent and committed instructors!

Fantastic quality!

Tracee Gilbert

Eye Level is a breathe of fresh air. It teaches a number of skills and the instructors are amazing. I highly recommend Eye Level! It is great!

Highly recommend!

Mounsif Mbarek

Excellent learning program! In addition to the outstanding English curriculum, the instuctors are great, and were able to connect with my son and made him very comfortable and excited to join the program. Would highly recommend!


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