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Eye Level On Air is an online learning program that provides the best virtual learning experience for children

Learning online just got easier! With Eye Level On Air, children can learn online with their instructor from the safety of their own home. Children can ask questions and receive guidance in real-time from their instructors, and are able to study math and English with our systematic Eye Level booklets.

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About Eye Level

We value every child’s potential in learning

Online Video Learning Class

1:1 Coaching

Before each session begins, each child is assessed individually. Our instructors tailor our curriculum by understanding each child’s learning process and mastery of each level.

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Self Directed Learning

Students develop independent learning skills in our Eye Level learning centers. Instructors will guide students as they move throughout their individualized program.


Mastery Learning

We determine the mastery of each lesson with study accuracy and study time consumption and with overall understanding of each lesson.

Students in the U.S.

U.S. Centers


Satisfaction Rating

Eye Level Basic Math

Basic Thinking Math enables students to complete the foundation of mathematics and covers the following study areas: Numbers, Arithmetic, Measurement, and Equations.

  • Master each math concept through a small step approach

The math enrichment program walks students through many study areas that covers everything from basic skills to advanced concepts. Our program builds a strong base of math knowledge which gradually grows into more advanced theory and applications.

  • Systematic study materials for all levels

Eye Level Math uses a systematic curriculum which is divided into various levels according to student abilities. This allows students to fully understand and master the required mathematical concepts in a progressive manner.

Eye Level Critical Thinking Math

Critical Thinking Math enables students to develop depth perception, problem solving, reasoning skills, and covers the following study areas: Patterns and Relationships, Geometry, Measurement, Problem Solving, and Reasoning.

  • Develop critical and analytical thinking skills

The active use of learning materials creates a learning environment where students will develop critical and analytical thinking skills. This is accomplished through developing depth perception, location and spatial relationship skills, by utilizing our learning materials. Difficulty and question variations are introduced systematically throughout all levels.

  • Interactive teaching methodology with proactive feedback

Eye Level is a proactive learning process. Students receive continual, ongoing feedback from our instructors to enhance the student learning process. Instructors also work with parents to maximize feedback. Communication is an integral part of education. A positive environment makes learning optimal for all students.

Eye Level English

Eye Level English develops students’ mastery of English language arts skills to meet the benchmarks as outlined in global standards, including print concepts, phonics and word recognition, language, comprehension, writing and fluency.

  • Build a solid foundation in literacy skills

Eye Level’s goal is to help students master English through adding strength to the target language use. For this purpose Eye Level English is designed based a personal learning plan focused on language skills thus helping your child’s understanding of the subject grow.

  • Based on the U.S. Department of Education curriculum

Language arts is the general academic subject area dealing with developing comprehension and capacity for use of written and oral language. Basic Language Arts helps students to acquire basic language skills through fundamental language structure, reading, and writing. Reading with vocabulary helps students extend their previously acquired knowledge using the reading materials.

Advance your child's learning with Eye Level

Eye Level Student

Academic Coaching

Strong Curriculum

One to One Learning

Individual Support

Self-Directed Study

Flexible Schedule

Eye Level provides supplemental Math and English programs with high-quality curricula proven to be effective over the past 40 years

Eye Level is a global educational services provider. Through continuous effort to develop a variety of educational methods, Eye Level is helping students create a foundation for lifelong learning.

Eye Level’s approach allows each child to become the key to his or her success.

Students set goals and the curriculum with the help of the instructor, work to stay on track, and gradually master all exercises. With each successful step, the student gains more self-confidence, motivation and direction in the quest for knowledge and critical thinking. As positive study habits and valuable personality traits develop, these skills will also translate to all facets of life.

Academic coaching fosters our student’s academic skills

Academic coaching is the process by which Eye Level instructors and directors seek to foster a student’s development of academic skills and self-directed learning ability. It is a process that combines the instructor’s teaching of the curriculum with observation of the student, thereby allowing the instructor to learn how the student naturally works.

This enables the instructor to engage in targeted interactions with the student during class. The instructor asks questions to help the child discover the answer, provides the appropriate type of hints when necessary, and provides more direct coaching when needed.

Through academic coaching, a student develops the confidence to work independently and to tackle new challenges both inside and outside of the classroom.

We create an individualized program for our students

Eye Level is a systematic, individualized program that caters to students of all abilities utilizing a unique and proven learning method. This allows each child to have a customized starting point depending on their ability, regardless of his/her age and/or school grade.

Traditional academics assume that all classroom teaching is based on mass education, using the same teaching materials for the same courses of studies. In these environments, it’s hard for children to be motivated once they fall behind or if they have different learning habits.

At Eye Level, we help children achieve a level of mastery to move on to the next stage of learning and let them learn at their own pace.

Learn online with a reputable and globally recognized education program

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Learn from home

Enjoy the experience of learning online, all from the comfort of your home

Get updates on progress

Parents will receive periodic updates on their child's progress in the program

Study with Eye Level booklets

Study Math and English with our systematic Eye Level booklets online

Build strong foundations

Students will develop strong foundational skills in Math and English

Maintain good study habits

Establish self-directed learning habits with 1 to 1 coaching and study guidance

Increase motivation in learning

With an optimized learning environment students will develop a love of learning


Our Eye Level Subjects

Basic Math

Eye Level Basic Math enables students to complete the foundation of mathematics and focuses on improving mathematical ability.

Subject Overview

Critical Thinking Math

Eye Level Critical Thinking Math enables students to develop depth perception, problem solving, and reasoning skills.

Subject Overview


Eye Level English is a "Comprehensive Literacy Program" that helps learners develop effective communication skills and strong content knowledge by enhancing literacy skills.

Subject Overview


Curriculum Design

  • All
  • Basic Math
  • Critical Math
  • English
Eye Level Basic Math Booklet Example 1

Basic Math


Eye Level Critical Math Booklet Example 1

Critical Math


Eye Level English Booklet Example 1


Basic Reading

Eye Level Basic Math Booklet Example 2

Basic Math


Eye Level Critical Math Booklet Example 2

Critical Math


Eye Level English Booklet Example 2


Elementary Reading

Eye Level Basic Math Booklet Example 3

Basic Math


Eye Level Critical Math Booklet Example 3

Critical Math


Eye Level English Booklet Example 3


Intermediate Reading


Four Easy Steps To Sign Up

Step 1 Form Icon

Online Sign Up

Step 1

Sign up online for Eye Level On Air by entering your information on our online form found at the bottom of this website.

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Step 2

Next, you should recieve a follow up call and/or email by one of our staff members to get more information about the subject(s) you are interested in.

Step 3 Online Test

Free Online Test

Step 3

Your child will take a FREE online diagnostic test which will provide us with precise insight into your child's ability and learning needs. It is utilized to determine the best place to start the student in the Eye Level curriculum.

Step 4 Calendar and Time Icon

Payment & Session Arrangement

Step 4

After the online diagnostic test is completed, you can choose your payment option and select the session times in which you want your child to attend classes.


Check Out Our Pricing Plans


$175 / mo
  • One Subject
  • Math or English
  • 1:1 Group Coaching Session
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$225 / mo
  • One Subject
  • Math or English
  • 1:1 Private Instruction
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Standard Plus

$300 / mo
Standard Plus
  • Two Subjects
  • Math and English
  • 1:1 Group Coaching Session
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Premium Plus

$400 / mo
Premium Plus
  • Two Subjects
  • Math and English
  • 1:1 Private Instruction
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What They Are Saying About Us

My 9 year old has been a student for the past 4 years and he is a high achieving student amongst his peers. We’re so happy with the superior instruction and service that Eye Level provides!

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Excellent Service!


I love Eye Level! The curriculum is great– it is crafted toward each child. Eye Level works to help ingrain facts! Awesome program, highly recommend!

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Love the curriculum!

Rachel Greenberg

They work with each child individually and at the end of each section, you get a full report of what your child did and areas they need to focus more on. Excellent and committed instructors!

Testimonial Image Of The Letter C

Great learning environment!

Cynthia Knight

Eye Level is a breathe of fresh air. It teaches a number of skills and the instructors are amazing. I highly recommend Eye Level!

Testimonial Image Of The Letter T

Fantastic quality!

Tracee Gilbert

Excellent learning program! In addition to the outstanding English curriculum, the instuctors are great, and were able to connect with my son and made him very comfortable and excited to join the program. Would highly recommend!

Testimonial Image Of The Letter M

Highly recommend!

Mounsif Mbarek


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Frequently Asked Questions

Eye Level is the key to self-directed learning. We Eye Level nurtures problem solvers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners. A premier supplemental education and enrichment program, Eye Level offers an innovative and effective teaching method in a fun and exciting learning environment, where self-directed learning, individualized academic coaching, and critical thinking are at the core of helping children improve and excel in their academic pursuits.

The Eye Level program is aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Since the birth of the Eye Level program and its migration across the globe, enrollment and customer satisfaction figures have continued to increase. This success is largely due to Eye Level’s commitment to operating from the core values of honesty, passion and respect. Eye Level strives for the betterment of society through creative, sound products and services that enrich the lives of families around the world, while inspiring pride in our own employees.

Eye Level begins with our core concept having every child believe, “I am the key.” Through our curriculum, the student follows a step-by-step process that allows him or her to become a confident, self-directed learner. The student learns and masters each concept through an individually tailored experience – not by pure repetition or memorization, but by focusing on developing basic skills and the ability to think critically. We also strive to meet and coach the child on his or her own level. This process is aided by our low teacher-to-student ratio, which allows for a balance of independent student and one-on-one academic coaching.

We encourage all ages to participate in the Eye Level program, from preschool to secondary school students. In order to develop effective study habits that build a lasting foundation, the earlier a student enrolls, the better.

Our diagnostic test will provide insight into the student’s ability and learning needs. The test is coupled with careful observations by the center staff in order to determine the best place to start the student in the Eye Level curriculum. We aim for each child to start in a place of confidence so that he or she can progress rapidly to more challenging concepts.

Each child learns differently and at different speeds. Our Eye Level centers are designed to stimulate and equip students by following an individualized curriculum. During the enrollment process, the Eye Level center director will establish individual goals with the student, so that the parent will be able to anticipate the progress of the child.

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